Webinar Schedule : Attend the http://www.GoToMeeting.com link below for each session, Enter the password TRS, and call the appropriate phone number listed to get connected. We conduct these webinars to answer questions and help you become proficient with would like to attend one of these webinars sessions of interest.

Please contact
Scott@TitleRepSolutions.com or 714-926-2136 in advance. An invitation with a webinar link is found below and will be emailed to you.


10:00 am to
10:30 am
Open Session for any questions relating to TitleRepSolutions.
- Troubleshoot
- Recommendations
- Shortcuts

Introduction to TitleRepSolutions
- Features
- How easy to start
- DOI compliant platform


1:30 pm to
2:30 pm

Introduction to TitleRepSolutions
- Features
- How easy to start
- Overview of all the modules from Contacts, eLetters, eCampaigns, Marketing and Training center, Sources of Business
- DOI compliant platform

Sources of Business
- Entering Open Orders
- Closing Orders
- Reports
- Ecampaigns associated with Open/Closed Orders
- Goal Planning

Contact Database
- Importing Contacts
- Adding Deleting Modifying
- Company Catalog
- Working with Groups
- Assigning Campaigns
- History files

2:30 pm to
3:30 pm
Getting Started
- MyProfile and Personal Configuration
- Contacts
- Eletters and Ecampaigns
- Marketing Center
- Training Center
- Favorites
- Blog and News of Interest


For Managers
- Administration Controls
- Managing Media
- Managing Title Professionals
- Reports, Graphs and Charts
- Managing Activities


ELetter and ECampaign
- NEW Contact Campaigns
- Holiday and Birthday Campaigns
- Open and Closed Orders
- Newsletters
- Templates
- Image Library, hyperlink and editing
- Content Library